Brazilian police to wear glasses that can scan faces to find criminals

In technology that is lifted straight from Robocop, Brazilian cops will be outfitted with glasses that can scan faces in a crowd and automatically pick out criminals.

Facial profiling! The camera analyzes 46,000 biometric points on up to 400 faces per second – data that then gets compared with a database of up to 13 million people. If a mug happens to match a wanted person or known troublemaker, a red light will appear on a small screen connected to the glasses. And, in a twist particularly befitting Robocop, the glasses can be calibrated to zoom in from 12 miles away, though they’ll typically be used to manage crowds at a much more personal 50 meters (164 feet).

The goal is to start using these Robocop glasses in test runs at crowded events (think soccer games and concerts) so police will be familiar with the technology come 2014 (when Rio de Janeiro hosts the World Cup). A big concern about the World Cup being in Brazil was the security, and if you saw Robocop, you’ll know he handled his share of bad guys with ease. Hopefully, they can do the same!

Source: gizmodo

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