Dating 2.0 — online dating redefined

When looking for love or lust, there are literally hundreds of options on the internet to consider in your search, but maybe it’s time to kick the old dating model to the curb. The subscription fees and compatibility formulas are so dated and laborious. They match common factors and personality ratings, measuring unique personalities in an unrealistic manner. You meet date after date, maybe having a little fun, but, inevitably, you discover the dating agency is the only party in the relationship making out in this scenario. Burst out of that fixed model of finding partners, changing your focus and the dynamics of the search. Online dating isn’t a cookie cutter process, setting up dates, arranging events according to personality profiles. It’s a time of fun and exploration, discovering your partner under the unlikeliest of circumstances, and you should be able to be as naughty and flirty as you want without fitting some dating norm.

Drop the standard subscription model with a little help from Lustaman as we show you dating redefined, match-making with a unique twist. Instead of following guidelines set by some boring dating agency, set your own goals and lay out your own ideal date for your potential partner. Define what it is you’re after from the meeting, an evening of romance and flirtatious fun, or an activity weekend in the great outdoors, a fun night cooking together while listening to jazz, or a movie night watching the latest blockbuster. Dating has changed online, dismissing old conventions in favor of new, highly diversified notions where each individual is free to shape the meeting.

Tailoring the event, never being surprised by your dates opposing agenda, you enter into the Lustaman way of dating fully informed and aware of the offered service. The evening’s partner could simply be looking for a companion for a single night, looking for a hand to hold at an important business event, not pursing a relationship of any kind. Our services work to match those needs, taking dating to the next level, promoting a rewarding arrangement for both parties. Go even further, defining the meeting with additional factors, setting prices for particular services, focusing the date on a certain topic or event. Get paid to date and meet interesting people, creating lasting bonds. Any member can set the price for the services planned during the date, receiving half of those earnings while planting the seeds of love.

Lustaman is the everyman of dating, presenting a comprehensive selection of partners and services without the limited framework brought by monthly subscriptions. The services are profitable and fun, apt to fan the flames of lust or simply provide a comforting smile and an arm to hang on as someone attends a corporate event. Social events are critically important in making contacts for the future, and a service emphasizing companionship during such a situation is simply invaluable. But lust or love, companion or movie partner, connect with your Lustaman date and embark on days or evenings of fun and adventure.

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