Eizo industrial monitor does 4K resolution – comes in 36-inch size

Eizo Nanao Corp announced a 36.4-inch LCD monitor which can easily handle 4096 x 2160 (4K) resolution. Though there is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price, it will be sold for ¥2.88 million (approx US$35,915) at the company’s online store. Eizo claims it’s perfect for air traffic control, where staff can make full use of specs like “Digital Uniformity Correction” circuitry to compensate for uneven color or brightness, motion sensors to power the monitor on or off as needed, and a stand that can be minutely adjusted to get the perfect angle. Because it is designed for specialist industrial application, Eizo guarantees a non-stop operation of the device running 24/7 for two (!) years.

The monitor uses white LEDs for its back-light source and has a brightness of 700cd/cm2. It can display 1,073.74 million colors (10 bits for each of the red, green and blue). Its contrast ratio is 1,000:1, and its viewing angle is 176 deg; both vertically and horizontally. Equipped with a human presence sensor, the monitor has a function to automatically turn off the power when the user is away. Its normal and maximum power consumptions are 350W and 162W, respectively.

Source: Tech-On

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