Lasers prove you can’t hold a camera still (video)

You know when you read that you should use a tripod to get the sharpest possible photographs, especially in low light, and you’re all like “Whatever,” and “I have steady hands, dude.”

Well, take a look at this video, which shows just how much you SLR can shake, even when it is on a tripod. Preston Scott at Camera Technica secured a laser pointer to the hotshoe of his Canon 7D and made this video to show you just how wobbly things can get.

The clip shows the laser as it shines onto a wall 20 feet away from the camera. The 7D was locked down on a tripod and took three shots. The first is made by pressing the shutter release carefully with a finger. The resulting vibrations, caused by both the finger and the mirror slapping up inside the body, make the laser careen wildly. The second shot was taken with a remote release but with the mirror still flapping free. It isn’t much better than the first. Lastly, the shutter was fired remotely with the mirror locked up (a function of higher-end SLRs).

It’s amazing how much vibration is caused by the internal mechanics of the camera, and when your fat fingers are factored in, it’s surprising you can manage to take a sharp photo. Clearly, at slow shutter speeds, it is worth locking up that mirror, using a tripod and a remote release. Alternatives are to use a mirrorless or a rangefinder camera, which eliminates mirror slap entirely.

Source: wired

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