Olive: the first feature film ‘intentionally’ shot on a smartphone

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What’s former Facebook CPO Chris Kelly doing post-Democratic Attorney General run? Why backing a feature length film shot on a smartphone of course! The film, called Olive, went up on Kickstarter today and was shot entirely using a Nokia N8 phone and a specially crafted 35mm lens.

Director Hooman Khalili tells me that what differentiates Olive from other films that have tried the whole “movie shot on a smartphone” gimmick — like The Wrong Ferrari – is that he intends to show the film in theatres. Khalili even wants to submit it for Oscar consideration — which would be a first for a smartphone-shot film.

Olive’s narrative centres around a mysterious little girl that doesn’t speak, and three strangers whose lives she positively affects. Indie actress Gena Rowlands and (another former Facebooker) Randi Zuckerberg also star. The film itself is actually finished, having been financed by Kelly and Bill O’Keefe. The $300K it raises on Kickstarter will go towards distribution, and Khalili 100% guarantees that the film will make at least some big screens after its premier this month.

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RED makes the Scarlet official, 5K stills and 4K video for $9,750

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It’s been quite a day for all you cinephiles out there. First Canon outed its pair of Cinema EOS cameras, and now RED has finally released the Epic’s baby sister Scarlet. Scarlet packs a similar punch as her older brother, so she takes 5K (5120 x 2700) resolution stills at 12fps, or can shoot your next cinematic masterpiece in 4K (4096 x 2160) at 25fps. The Scarlet also can use all of the Epic’s accessories and comes with a Canon mount so there’s plenty of glass to choose from, too. Best of all, Scarlet can be all yours for the low price of $9,750. That’s right, for the price of a used Honda Civic, you can shoot video that essentially looks as good as those made by pros like Peter Jackson and John Shwartzman (assuming you’ve got their moviemaking skills).

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Peter Jackson reveals the Red Epic secrets behind The Hobbit

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Diet and filmmaking legend Peter Jackson’s given us another insight into the making of the Hobbit movies, and this time he’s talking about his envious collection of tech. Filming with no less than 48 Red Epic cameras at 48fps in full 5k resolution might sound fantastic, but it hasn’t all been a bed of cotton candy. Two 3D cameras need to be mounted at the same “interocular” (the inch-or-so distance between your eyes) which is impossible given the size of the Epic and its lenses. The team had to hire specialist firm 3ality to build a rig where one camera shoots the action and the other is pointed vertically at a mirror. Those who would love to shoot with an Epic should also beware that the cameras naturally desaturate the action to such an extent that the makeup, costume and set design teams have to over-color everything to look natural in post production. Full video is inside, try not to imagine how many years bad luck you’d get if you broke one of those mirrors during a key scene.

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AMP, a single lens camera that captures real time HDR at 1080p

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HDR video, as you know, exposes the living breathing smelling unreality hidden in life. Or something like that. AMP’s system uses a two beam-splitter in the camera that takes the light and directs it onto three sensors. This gives it a range of 17.5 stops to “reveal reality” in our drab, incomplete lives. The single-lens camera shoots 1080p video at 24fps or 30fps, records raw, uncompressed data to an SSD, and works with Nikon F-Mount-compatible lenses. To give you some perspective on the amount of sheer storage required, AMP promises a 256GB SSD can hold 30-plus minutes of footage, with 24fps video consuming less space than the 30 fps variety. It’ll be available later this summer for some unknown sum, but not as a mass-produced product. Rather, it’ll end up in the hands of a select few prosumers who add themselves to a waiting list.

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Phantom Flex slows down time, captures 1080p at 2,570fps

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Ever wanted to slow down time?! The Vision Research’s Phantom Flex might be just what you have been craving for. By shooting an enormous amount of frames per second, this ‘time machine’ is able to create an illusion of slowing down the time by shooting an incredible 2,570 frames per second footage (can even shoot at up to 10,000fps at lower resolutions). And even though it carries a price tag of around $100k (unconfirmed), it is worth every penny. Let’s not forget that some of the greatest blockbusters (Inception for example) were shot using Phantom series cameras such as Phantom HD Gold.
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Nuit Blanche. Toronto 2010

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Nuit Blanche and Renegade parade happening in downtown Toronto.
We owned the streets that night

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Xmas in Tdot

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My very first HD movie filmed on Canon 7D with 17-55mm f/2.8 lens

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ hd=http%3A// embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high title=Xmass in Tdot autostart=false /]

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